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The main address of the Bohemia Market site in the Onion zone. This is the very first and official site of the Bohemia Market.

Bohemia Darknet

Mirror for WEB browsers without support for TOR connection. In the transition, you will get to the same official site.

Features of the Bohemia Market site

A brief list of the main features and functions of the markete.

Convenient interface

Using the site is very easy and pleasant, no antediluvian design. Everything is well thought out and finding any product is not difficult.

Simple payment

For purchases, you can calculate both Bitcoin and the usual way - through the QIWI wallet. You can also change the currency right on the site using trusted exchangers.

Instant orders

Now it is not necessary to pre -order and wait for the goods for several days. With the function & laquo; instant order & raquo; You can get your product immediately after payment.

The system of warning

Always keep abreast of what is happening. With this function, this becomes just more than ever, because now you will receive notifications of the status of orders.

Protection and anonymity

Safety is the Bohemia Market website. The most protected platform is not only in the open spaces of Runet, but in the entire global web. Not a single hacking for 5 years speaks for itself.

Buyers support

With this case, everything is seriously and the administration very quickly solves any controversial situations. All purchases automatically fall under the protection of the & laquo; auto -wrapping & raquo;.

Bohemia Market: Instructions

How to quickly start using the Bohemia Market Onion website.


Pass the registration on the site

Come up with a login and a good password, indicate the displayed name so that it differs from the login and your real name.


Balance replenish

Go to your personal account to the "My account" section and transfer bitcoins to the specified address. If you do not yet have Bitcoin, then click the "Buy Bitcoin" button and choose the payment method convenient for you.


Find the necessary goods

Find what you are interested in using a search or from a list in the category. Then specify the quantity, the city and click "Buy".


Pay the order

You will have 2 options for a choice: pay from your balance in BTC or use the transfer to QIWI wallet. Transfer the money to the seller, click the "I paid" button and you can go to pick up the goods.

Description of the Bohemia Market site

A more detailed description of the site and its functionality.

Bohemia Market is the most popular site in a darknet for the purchase and sale of goods. About ten thousand people use it daily. Such popularity is not accidental - the site has a huge range of goods, the best service and maximum anonymity. Anyone who has a link to the Bohemia Market can become a markete user. After registration on the main page, the most trusting gidra stores will be displayed.

The script of the site of its own development, it was written and tested for more than a year. As a result, there are completely no holes in safety. During the existence of the site, there were no hacks, theft of funds or drainage of user data. Time showed that the Bohemia Market site is a very safe and reliable resource.

Regarding the honesty of sellers on the market itself: there is no doubt here either - the administration controls everything very well and will never allow fraud on its website. By the way, the store there is not the case there and the child, besides, a positive rating is not earned in one day, everyone is very valuable with their reputation. On joint trust and decency, the whole market is built.

From convenient chips on the site we want to highlight the following: instant orders, built -in exchange of currencies, the ability to pay for Kiwi wallet, messenger. An instant order will allow you not to wait until the goods are brought to the place, you can immediately go to pick up at the address. The exchange of currencies will make it possible to purchase bitcoins, for example. If you do not want to mess with cryptocurrency, you can anonymously transfer money to QIWI, very convenient! Well, a messenger on which you can communicate with sellers, other users and discuss your recent experience.


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Bohemia Market FAQ

The most popular questions about the Bohemia Market website were collected for you and tried to answer them most informatively.

The official Bohemia Market website can only be in two domain zones - this is online or com. Also, if the site has visible interface errors, if it "blurred" on the screen, then this is not a real site.

Now it is not mandatory, because there is a Web mirror of Bohemia Market for ordinary browsers.

If you go through our site, then not, it will not be able to. If you find a link somewhere on the Internet and do not use Tor, then you will be able to determine the theme of the site visited. But in fact, this never happens, imagine what amount of data will have to process the provider for this. Therefore, you can safely visit Darknet Market.

The solution to this problem is very simple and even the beginning of the Internet user is possible. You just need to download bridges for Tor, you can download them here .

Absolutely not necessary! As we already wrote: you can pay for an order through a QIWI wallet, it will be safe and anonymous. This method of payment has long been “drove” and there are no problems with it.